If you have not tried kayaks yet, you might get hooked on your first trip. RFRR has multiple brands and styles of kayaks. It is one of the best ways to enjoy the river.
River Tubing
Folks who just want to relax and not do anything but float, tubing is for you. We have multiple sizes, most with neck rests & cup holders and cooler tubes too.
Fitness Kayaking
Simply a fun and challenging way to gain strength in your arms, shoulders and core. Yes, your core. Come try it out. Experienced Kayakers preferred.
Full Moon Kayak Cruise
Do you just love the full moon? We do too! It is amazing to be on the water while the moon is rising and being one with nature on the river. It is beautiful and addictive!

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Rain Rain go away!

Due to rain and high river levels, RFRR will not be able to operate the weekend of 5/4-5/5/19. We hope to see the sunshine on a weekend soon, so we can go kayaking ourselves and help you all get on the river too!…

Wellness on the Water

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