Intended Wellness

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We all want to feel better, right!

Intended Wellness 4 U

  • Would you like to feel better?
  • Want more energy?
  • Have a little or a lot of pain you would like to alleviate?

We can help with that, because we care!  Check out more above on the Facebook page.

Weekly free classes

We offer folks all kinds of opportunities to learn how you can achieve intended wellness with pure natural products! It seems like everyone is moving towards a more natural means of taking care of their health now-a-days.  Because of that, we are working hard to offer classes a in Elkin, NC and in your area as well, so let us know where you would like to have classes and what you would like to learn about.  We can also come to you at your home, church, office, group or other event and offer a one on one consultation or seminar on how essential oils and natural plant based therapies can change your life.  Yes, I said change your life…trust me when I say this.  My life has been forever changed by doTERRA and due to that, I cannot help but want yours to be as well.

Call Cindy at 336-469-8652 to schedule your consult or seminar today!

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It can and will change your life!