Tubing with RFRR

RFRR River Run

Our tubing and kayaking season has yet again been delayed due to excessive rain. Hopefully the rain will let up, the river will go down and we can get the access points cleaned out.  We have had just over 10″ of rain in our rain gauge in the last 12 days at Rocky Forest River Run. Crazy right!  We are ready for some nice sunny days with no rain, how about you?  Like and Follow our Facebook page and I will post on there as soon as we know of an opening date.

Hang in there everybody and stay safe until we can enjoy the river kayaking and tubing.  Due to Covid-19, our processes will be different this year, and we may not be able to perform the same services or quantities as in the past, but we are still working through that and trying our best to figure out how to operate safely so we can help folks enjoy the river and get some much needed river therapy and relaxation while floating down the river with friends and family.

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