Wellness on the water is a fun way to take care of yourself. RFRR will offer the following this season (as availability allows) and we cannot wait for you to try these!

Fitness Kayaking – Paddle upstream for a bit to work your arms, shoulders and core. If you haven’t tried it yet, you must at least try it one time. It is a challenge and you keep wanting to try to go farther upstream each time you try it!

Peaceful yoga by the riverside is amazing

Riverside Yoga – Enjoy yoga (as available – call for availability) along the riverside for a serene experience. We all love the water right, imagine being close to rapids and hearing the water roll over the rocks as you practice and refresh your mind and body.

Kayaking or Fitness Kayaking and Yoga – Have a fun short kayak trip and yoga afterward. This session gives you a relaxing journey down the river for about 1/5 – 2 hours and a mini yoga session afterwards. In addition to this, we will offer kayaking and a short 15 min quiet riverside setting for meditation or affirmations.

Kayaking is fun but Fitness Kayaking kicks it up another level.

Wellness Classes: – We teach classes on natural solutions. Clients learn to use essential oils and plant based items to assist and compliment their physical and mental health. Classes are held at the RFRR shop or can be part of a guided kayaking trip. We may possibly have meditation and/or other items coming this season too! Learn more on the Intended Wellness page above.