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Waiver, Safety Video & Tips

Liability Waiver And Lease Agreement

The Waiver Form(s) MUST be completed prior to your trip date. We are asking you to complete these forms prior to your trip this year, to lessen the contact time in our shop and to lessen the spread of the stuff that we are dealing with now all over the U.S. If you book online, the system will prompt you to complete the waiver. Please do this no later than 12 hours prior to your trip, and preferably as soon as you receive a reminder email. If you book via phone, we can email you a PDF version of the waiver, so you can complete it on your computer or smartphone (just tell us that is how you want to do that). The forms are available to print below. For those renting equipment, choose the ‘RFRR Rental Waiver’ form below. Fill in pages 1 & 2 PRIOR TO ARRIVAL/ PRIOR to YOUR EXCURSION (whether online or by printing and completing). Immediate family members may all be put on one form. All adults 18 and over must sign their own form, while parents/guardians of minors should sign for them. These forms are necessary for us to maintain insurance. ALL waivers must be submitted to RFRR prior to or at check-in and prior to your trip.

RFRR Rental Waiver: RFRR Rental Waiver Form

Shuttle Only (for those with their own kayaks, wanting RFRR to transport their equipment for them):  Shuttle Waiver Form

River Level at Elkin, shallow gauge area

The Yadkin River is a Class 1 river.  It is gentle, with a good flowing current, with occasional surprise shoals. Even though it is a calm river, all rivers have danger and you must show it respect.  For this reason, all paddlers and those floating in tubes should wear their life vests at all times.  There are logs and rocks under the water that could cause your vessel to capsize, or if you are not an experienced paddler or tuber, you can turn over until you get used to it. The life vest is provided for a reason, to keep you safe, should you be turned over and into the water, it will keep you afloat.  In the event we have heavy rains during a summer thunderstorm, for instance, the current can get faster and during these times it is IMPERATIVE all folks wear their life vests 100 % of the time.

Children Under The Age Of 12 Must Wear Their Life Vests At All Times!

Tips: Be Aware Of These Items When On The River

  • Never canoe or kayak alone (safety in numbers), preferably 3-4 and stay with each other
  • River levels can rise quickly during rainy seasons or stormy situations, so be aware of this
  • When the river rises, the current speeds up and debris can be present. Stay away from limbs and piles of trees and branches so you do not get caught up in the mess or underbrush.
  • At least one person in your group needs to have a cell phone in case of emergency
  • Let someone know where you are going and when you plan to be finished
  • Know and understand your limits; if uncertain, walk your boat around rapids
  • Dress accordingly for the weather
  • WEAR your Life Vests, they are provided for a reason!

Items You Need To Bring For Your Trip

  • Water Shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses (use strap for expensive glasses)
  • Clothing that will dry efficiently & is suitable for water sports
  • Water to stay hydrated, especially on hot summer days
  • A hat or buy one at RFRR